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Since the material was written for clients in a "ghostwriting capacity," I have removed their last names and website links.

SAE Unsolicited Testimonial...

Theresa, Theresa, Theresa!!!! I just don't know what to say.

After going through your site and studying it I had a good sense about you and your services and determined that I had made a wise choice.

I am beaming with utter delight about this article that you created. And I also never had any doubts about your ability, mainly because of our initial conversation on the phone. I could tell that you knew what you were talking about.

It was also good to actually speak to someone directly who you might be planning to do business with as we had done in the beginning.

A lot of internet businesses don't list a personal phone number where you can speak directly to the owner as you have, and I truly commend you for doing that.

This is one of the main reasons why I chose your service, and I will be spreading the word about your service to everyone.

This article is PERFECT!! It has everything and more in it which includes all the H1, H2 and H3 tags, links, etc. inserted in the right locations. (I'm talking like I am a writer, which I'm not, :-) but the article just flowed perfectly as I was reading it.

The solo and classified ads are the "bomb" too!

I couldn't have found anyone to have created a better solo ad and classified ad for this topic.


SAE Unsolicited Testimonial...

Hi Theresa, To say I am satisfied is an understatement! I could have spent months trying to write something but not even come close to your creation. I now understand why you chose the name for your business. You truly are the Wizard in the King's Court for communication and the written word!

Bless you, Ray

SAE Unsolicited Testimonial...

I just received your work and am very happy about it. The article is mine, really? I feel humbled to have my name on such a great article!

When reading through the solo ad article I cannot help but recognize that the writer really appreciates the product I promote. If I did not yet own the product myself, I would certainly check it out and give it a try based on the information gained from your article!

Your speed is really good, really challenging to keep up with... I'm glad first of having found you...!

Hans Peter

SAE Unsolicited Testimonial...

I must say this is an extremely professional looking ad. I truly am very impressed. Looking forward to seeing the great results one should expect with this level of integrity. Thanks very much and all the best.


SAE Unsolicited Testimonial...

You recently wrote a solo ad for me. I couldn't be happier with your work. I could have tried a million times and not have gotten anything even close to as good as yours. I guess that's why you're the professional. I would like to have 3 more themed solos written and one general... and a series of 5-6 line text ads with the same themes. Thank you again for your great work.


Steve also wrote again to say:

Wow! great comments from the readers. I wish I could take any credit but it all goes to you. I was having a hard time getting my site indexed by the search engines until this article was posted on your site. I was lost in cyberspace but now I'm popping up all over. I'm very new to the business side of the internet but I now have PR2 and PR3 sites asking me to link with them, not through link exchanges but through direct emails. And I'm just a PR0. This one article seems to have done more for my site than the countless hours I've spent learning and implementing SEO techniques. I will not do business with any ad agency other than yours. I will be requesting another article in the next couple of weeks. Thank you, again, for the great work. I would be more than willing to place a link to any service you offer on my home page if you want. Just send the code and it will go up immediately.