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Kind Words from Clients

Hi Theresa, yes, make any changes you think best [for solo ad delivery]. You have been doing this a long time and My Wizard Ads has a good reputation! That being said, I trust your judgement. Thanks for your help!

Ed Reilly 

I received an e-mail recommending I look at from a person who no longer has a list. It turned out to be the best e-mail I have ever received. I was totally surprised when I picked up the phone and on the second ring Theresa answered, as advertised. Theresa invested almost two hours of her time with me on that call without a committment from me.

I learned more in that two hours than from any of the many programs I had invested in which are numerous. But the best was yet to come! She has guided me and personally worked with me, now for the first time I know I have an online business that is real and has a future. Years of frustration has ended and I have a true mentor.

You need to contact Theresa today! Thank you Theresa

Steve Jackson 

Wow! You are fast! I really cannot thank you enough for that guidance. I will implement it for sure. I really cannot believe that you were able to help me so quickly. I soooooooooo appreciate you and your help. I am trying to continue to think positive and focus on believing that I am already successful so that the Universe can make it so. I do however understand that I have to put in the work so I am going to do that of course. Wow, I really wish you a wonderful, happy and exciting day out there in Vegas!

Elvie Belmaster 

"Mostly I just wanted to tell you that I think it is very nice of you to provide so much helpful information in such an honest way. I appreciate finding your site, and I intend to read the information you provide and research some of the websites you recommend. Hopefully I will be able to understand enough to eventually use your services for my business. Right now I am just a struggling new-to-the-internet affiliate who hasn't a clue what to do. Your site is much more refreshing than most, so I thought I would tell you so."


Theresa, I admire you and My Wizard Ads. As an ezine publisher, I have been doing business with you for several years now and it has proven to be an invaluable asset to my business. With the help of your Ezine Coop, I have been able to increase my subscriber list and keep my ezine very active. You are sympathetic, respond quickly to all emails, give great advice and above all, extremely understanding. We may not have met in person, but I consider you a good friend. Get to know Theresa and My Wizard Ads. She is outstanding..

Karen Gates 

Thanks Teresa! I love how quickly you respond... by far the best response I've received from any affordable Solo Ad manager out there! :)

Paul Chow 

I wanted to again thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday.... I really, really appreciated it and the least I could do was to suggest to my sponsor (via instant messenger) that he refer any other "newbies" to your site where they will get much needed help.

Many thanks again!
Theresa Krcha

Your knowledge of Internet marketing is incredible! I am a new-newbie and I believe with all my heart that your business will shorten the learning curve drastically for me!

I look forward to a long & prosperous relationship with you and your business.

God Bless You! 
Kurt Provenza
American Dream Keeper

And even more... just haven't had time to format them into neat little boxes :)


I love your service. You and your publishers are top notch in my book and I always get positive results from running campaigns via MyWizardAds. I would recommend your service to anyone wanting to get the word out fast!

Michelle, SDT Admin

Again, thanks for the human touch! So far you've overdelivered both on price and service!

Jason Klein

Every call and interaction I have had from you was full of cheerfulness and enthusiasm. I love that. So many people are half dead when you talk to them. You are a bundle of energy. Love it!

Terry Hansen

The best search I ever made on Google was finding After months of struggling and gathering information, I found an outstanding all-in-one stop with well-chosen ezines and promotional options. Theresa provides the most personal, professional, and caring support on the net. She'll even tweak your ad, offer suggestions and get back to you in a flash. What a find! Thanks a million.

My best,
Mary Brouillette

"I have been involved with internet marketing going on 10 years and have done lots of ezine advertising in the past. Until recently I would spend an entire day just searching and submitting ads. About 4 months ago I stumbled across My Wizard Ads and couldn't believe my luck. Not only could I submit Free Classifieds to hundreds of ezines all at once, I could also do all my Solo Ads and Top sponsor ads to many different ezines all at one location. The ezines that I advertised in the past were all part of this exceptional service provided by My Wizard Ads. Now, finally, I can do all my advertising in under 30 minutes. Theresa at My Wizard will go out of her way to assist with your ads and all I can say is "Thank You Theresa for saving me so much time and money".

Ed Rizzo

I just made my first sale from the Targeted Expired Domain campaign. You know I'll be back!! Probably sooner than later!! (:-)

Great Service!
Art Luff

As you will see, Theresa, I already bought another ad from you today! Your service appears to be the best, most ethical online advertising service I have ever run across. Looks like MWA will be a service I'll be using for quite some time. Thanks so much for being there -

A VERY impressed customer (and that's before any responses to the ads)!


You are awesome!!! I am new to doing business on the web, and you are, by far and away, the best experience I've had on the web. Especially in regard to your speed, attentiveness and turn-around time.

Bill Darton
Diversified Income Systems

The service and response I have received using My Wizard Ads has been second to none. Extremely good investment and I plan to come back over & over again. It truly has increased visits to my website and also sales revenues!

Dan Yoraway

9 ORDERS @ $29.95 each!! Not bad for a $23.95 ad, huh? I'll be recommending your Service to everyone I know.. AFTER I place another ad for myself, of course! :0) Thanks for being there.

Toney Marshall

In my 3 years online marketing affiliate programs and internet based products, your ad service is the best one EVER. I truly believe in your products and I refer My Wizard Ads to everyone.

Joe Warren

I love your service and tell all the people I work with about it. Thanks for providing such an easy-one-stop advertising solution.

Joel Mackey

I just want to say Thank You so much for a job well done. You always come through on time replying to me almost instantaneously with any request I have. It's a pleasure working with you. Keep up the good work and thanks a million!

Anne Felix

I really appreciate the level of personal service I get from you - quite aside from the great value you provide with the 2-4-1 ads, you really do make doing business with you a pleasure!

Tanja Gardner

Thanks so much for the time and effort you spent helping me get my ad campaign going. I really like the 2nd ad you created for me - very impressive. I look forward to seeing the response I receive.

Best Regards,
Debbie Suess
Ways to

Wow, thanks for the quick response!

I like how quickly you set up my campaign and took the time to catch that mistake [on my webpage]. You don't find too many people in business willing to take that extra step.

Matthew Savage
Learn How

This is the business for checking out markets and testing ads. All the stats are there and I'll be able to gauge the relative success of each and every campaign I put together on a day by day basis, which is wonderful.

Needless to say, I'll be using your services more and more as my own business develops.

It's a delight to find such a comprehensive traffic facility that is so efficiently run.

On top of all this you seem a really nice person and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Michael Hayes

Thank you very much for the really wonderful chat. You are very caring, sincere and helpful with the business you have, and ready and willing to share your expertise, to help mine. I got more answers and ideas than what I originally called to get, and they are all good! :-)

Your high-touch way of doing business and being so real, forthcoming and accommodating is remarkable and truly precious in this day and age.

What a super lady you truly are and I just wanted to tell you.


Christina Wilson

You run a terrific service & I'm thrilled to be an affiliate. Everyone needs to use your service.

Paula Frye

YOU ARE the MOST proactive Ad Co-Op out there right now. I am not just saying that either. I belong to a few of them and of course I see what y'all (my gosh I am Canadian and never thought I'd say y', I see what everyone is up to and you never cease to amaze me. Great work Theresa...!!

Denise Ryder
Marketing Coach - Publisher ProfitSpace

You certainly have a tremendous group of advertising packages going. I am overwhelmed by all that you offer."

Jo Fulkerson

I, for one, appreciate everything you do for us and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Respectfully yours,
Ronald Dunn

Thanks for having such a great co-op and fantastic publishers, Theresa. The ads I've placed with My Wizard Ads have always done well.

Even though I've used solos, classifieds and semi-solos with other well-known ad co-ops your ads seem to get more attention and bring more visitors to my website.

As a publisher myself, I work with several ad co-ops. Once again, you bring me the most new subscribers for my newsletter.

Thanks for a job well done!

Denise Hall

You work so hard at your business and I just want you to know that it is recognized and appreciated, at least by this Kiwi home marketer. Keep it up.

Yours online,
Terence (Terry) V Alve
Wellington, NZ

Dear Theresa, 
You truly are heaven sent. I cannot express my gratitude for all the trouble you have taken. Are you sure you are a real person??? If you are, let me tell you, that you are indeed one in a million. Should I ever win the lottery (and pigs might fly) You will be the first on my "give to list."
Have a wonderful day.
Warmest regards
Carole Kokot
Cassie's Big Bucks


By the way, of all the different marketing methods I have tried online, you have had excellent customer service unlike 99% of the others I have dealt with. I have quite a large downline and will be sure to refer my members to you. Thanks for the excellent, courteous and prompt customer service.

Kieran Westergard
Perfect Wealth Formulas