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Ezine advertising (ezine ads) is your 6 line classified ad is featured in a variety of ways. Each publisher has their own system. Some will include it with their newsletters (ezine, gazette), others have separate classified mail outs (where people always look to see theirs, thus seeing yours at the same time), some are bloggers with a classified ad section right on their blogs, while the remaining have on-site boards where your ad will remain for quite some time.

Many of these methods also include indexing by the search engines. Publishers often have archives of back issues and the boards are hit by search engines when new material is posted.

It is entirely possible that your 6 line will be online long after you've possibly left the program or forgotten that you were even promoting a product. Sales may continue for years, off and on, all because of the way the publisher's system handled your ad.

Total run time is approximately 30-45 days depending on the publishing schedules for each listed ezine. Your ad is shown one time inside the ezines, classified ads issue, or posted online. Many publishers also now archive these issue online, giving your ad exposure for years to come!

The My Wizard Ads database is updated manually. This method of internet marketing is definitely a hands-on method. If I don't hear from a publisher, they are removed. If I cannot find their information in my own ezine inbox, I contact them, and if necessary, remove them.
BE ALERT - Some services out there allow the "publisher" to update online automatically which means anyone can signup and update to appear "current" - yet a check of these "ezines" and ezine groups (which I do occasionally do) often proves no publication exists, hasn't existed (sometimes for years) or the listed "ezine" is just collecting your name (in other words there is no ezine they are just harvesting your email address). A majority of these "groups" are composed of out of print publishers and/or adsense email harvesters.

Think of your ezine ad as if you are placing an ad in your local newspaper. The only difference is these "newspapers" are providing online advertising.

Ezine Ad 6 Line - This is a subscribe-to-the-ezines required service You will be asked to supply an inbox address on the form that I will give to the publishers. You will receive email from these ezines. The arrangement we are making is that the publisher will give you ad space in exchange for getting you as a reader of their ezine or newsletter.

An additional 3 line ad (which you will supply on the form) will be posted on the My Wizard Ads website for more than (much more than) 30 days and the search engines and RSS feeds notified about your opportunity. This is a FREE service just for ordering today!