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Solid Marketing Advice in an Uncertain Internet Marketing World

Today was one of those days where I found myself on the phone quite a few times talking with advertisers where one common factor was clear over and over:

Each person:

o Was new to the world of internet marketing

o Had yet to spend tons of money marketing

o Is in a prime position to take the bull by the horns and do something for themselves.

The chance I speak of is that of creating one's own space online. Off and on we harken back to this mantra, and for a very good reason.

[Actually, when you read these back, everyone of us has this opportunity - no matter what stage of "being online" you may be.]

People are flocking to the internet to help find ways to supplement their income. With financial conditions as they are right now in this country (and abroad), having additional sources of income is always a wise idea.

However, joining programs without a plan is never a wise move.

One thing many are unaware of is that lots of people have, no doubt, signed up for that special program long before you found it. While new to you, it may not be new to the net in general. This doesn't make it an impossible program to market and advertise, but it does make your job a tad harder.

So what can you do?

Watch your wallet! And, keep in mind that the three things no one ever bashes in terms of internet and social media marketing are:

1. Ezine advertising

2. Writing articles

3. Blogging

Other things come and go out of fashion. Often, by the time you hear of something, that "something else" has been done to death, and you will need to wait for the cycle to come back around for it to revitalize itself.

But these three remain untouched in terms of their effectiveness.

Let's take a look at why:

Ezine Ads - an inexpensive (shop around and double check before you buy) way of running classified ads and solo ads to a large marketing list not of your own creation. For the price, and those willing to do their homework, ezine ads allow you to get the word out without breaking your bank. This inexpensive form of advertising means you have the room financially to test and tweak. Your goal is to create that "winning and pulling" ad; you want to get visitors to the website.

Keep in mind when you join a program, more often than not, the ads supplied have been used extensively by others. Re-creating them is always your wisest move. Change them up, make them different. Your goal is to generate interest and the click thru to the website. Your website is your salesperson. Do not "sell" in your ad!

Writing Articles - almost anyone can write an article (that is true), you just have to have the patience and determination to sit down and plan your thoughts out, then put them on "paper." You never, ever "sell" anything in an article. Articles are pure information or entertainment. Your "About the Author" resource box is the only spot you can mention what you are doing online and include a link to your website. Time is a primary factor since you need to designate the time to write, and don't forget to do your homework when it comes time to submit your work. Submitting to the proper directories that will do you the most good is critical. Knowing which ones, and using them properly, is your key to article success.

Blogging - started many years ago with more of an "online journal" approach, blogging took the internet by storm a few years back. However, in terms of using blogs as marketing tools, this is relatively new. Not brand new, but still shiny.

The beauty of blogging is multi-faceted, but the primary reason to blog (if you're thinking advertising and marketing) is it get yourself your own spot on the web (achieved amazingly quickly with a blog). Blogs are easy to keep current, have the changing content search engines love, and they provide a great stomping ground for your visitors to interact with you.

With the right blog, adding plugins and widgets galore to drive traffic and keep your visitors interested is a breeze. And, to top it all off, blogging is just plain fun. (Can you say that about your marketing efforts?)

The right blogging system actually generates its own visitors, freeing you up to spend more time interacting with others and less time "promoting." Socializing online is tremendous fun! Meeting and making even lifetime friends your extra special bonus.

Keep these three key factors in mind as you cruise the net. And...

One last bit of marketing wisdom and then I'll wrap this up. Do realize foremost that those glitzy sales pages often received tons of market research prior to their creation. They are designed to suck you in pure and simple. Wild claims should be taken as just that... wild claims. No matter at what level you join up to anything, work is required on your part for your personal success online. To paraphrase Mad-Eye Moody, "Due Diligence!"


Theresa Cahill and her friend and business partner, Jeff Greer, are available to help you effectively start a blog and learn how to make your internet marketing efforts count. Stop by their blog anytime at Online Internet Marketing Strategies.

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