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How to Learn HTML Without Even Trying

by Theresa Cahill
Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Today I'd like to ask... do you have your own website?

You've heard all about the importance of having your own site to promote from - it's easier, all your interests rest on one site and promoting one url (one site) is always easier than trying to keep track of several.

You should also know about how important it is to have a site that is easy to navigate, and from your standpoint, easy to update at the drop of a hat!

For years, I "did it myself." I learned HTML from scratch. Hand coded everything on the MWA web site (other than java scripts and forms)... and I LIKED doing it myself.

I didn't use frontpage or dreamweaver (DW costs an arm and a leg and frontpage is too glitchy for me - I'm very picky about spacing and other things that both programs think you are too stupid to be able to do yourself).

BUT... after years of insisting only I could get the look I wanted... I've switched and I'm loving it.

website design software

How to Learn HTML Without Even Trying

This most amazing web site builder is designed with a highly effective tutorial (which for a change I actually took the 2 hours to do) and a system so advanced I have yet to find something that I needed that was left out... there just isn't anything.

I speak with many people who know they should teach themselves HTML and build their own sites. Yet, they are overwhelmed and feel it's something they can "put off 'til later."

No it is not.

Do this for yourself. Get out from under the necessity of promoting affiliate urls and only af urls. Teach yourself a new skill - today - in 2 hours or less and have a brand new web site all your own this week.

Heck, I converted MWA in a weekend and that's because I'm picky as can be... it really took less time but I just love to tweak LOL!

You CAN and MUST do this some time... and some time is most definitely now.

How to Learn HTML Without Even Trying

That's my tip for today... see ya soon!

Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads, Online Advertising Co-Op, a true one-stop spot for ezine ad advertising, solo ads, targeted traffic, and more!

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