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I will start this section by telling you I've been around for a LONG time. I know more about advertising online then any individual program/membership owner can ever tell you. I do this day in and day out, trying to help you make sense of what it is you are doing online. I give plans, directions, information like there is no tomorrow, and so much more.

In fact, in all honesty I can say I really should receive franchise fees from many of the programs out there, I help their members that much.

Do I sound egotistical? Truly I'm not. I am just stating cold, hard fact.

Now that you know I am qualified (and if you're not convinced I encourage you to search for my name out on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, wherever) to tell you more, I recommend you keep reading this page to the very end, and look at the link resources highlighted throughout this page. Reading the entire page FIRST is always a good idea... here and everywhere online.

Let's get started...

There are numerous solid affiliate programs out there; some let you have instant access to promote - others make you pay a fee upfront to get to their products (a membership fee).

So, do you have to pay to join everything just to find products to advertise?

The answer is "No!"

While many people do know about this website, I also find (daily) that there are 100s of others I communicate with directly who do not.

The resource I speak of, and highly recommend you take a trip around, is the Marketplace at Clickbank where you will discover 10s of 1000s of products, services, software, and more - all just waiting there patiently for you to pick to promote. The nice part is you'll most likely find something you personally are interested in - versus just taking what is available through individual programs.

Why pick something to promote that interests you?

The answer is simple. It's much easier to "get behind" a product or service that you are interested in.

For example, say you sign up for a program that has a Product X. You don't know anything about Product X, have little or no interest in finding out more about Product X, and really haven't a clue why you signed up to promote Product X (that glitzy sales letter got you to pull out your wallet sight unseen of course). Yet you join. And maybe you even paid to join in order to become eligible to promote it.

Since you're not really interested in Product X, you'll most likely just use any old thing they might provide you with - solo ads, classified ads, ezine ads. You grab them and start spending your hard-earned money trying to tell others about something you have no interest in - nor expend any creative imagination to convince others to also be interested in it.


OR, you take that trip over to the Marketplace at Clickbank where you discover, oh my heavens!, there are 100s of 1000s of products, services, software that do strike your fancy - and joining as an affiliate is 100% free!

You'll also discover these products come with sales pages (the page you will send your reader to using your (free!) affiliate "hoplink").

You create that hoplink with the click of a button once you pick something out. And, sometimes, not always, there are ads to get you going (which I highly recommend you change using a bit of your own imagination and after reading the sales page itself and maybe even buying the product!).

The beauty is when you are truly interested in something, it's much, much easier to write your own ads! People don't want dry boring ads, they want to hear why YOU think this is great.

Did you know that PERSONAL REVIEWS of products generate more sales? People like to know upfront what other people think before they buy. Good, honest reviews.

This doesn't mean you have to buy every product you promote. But in addition to finding free products and services TO promote, you'll most likely uncover reams of information that will come in handy for you personally!

The long and the short is joining a membership site can be a fine thing to do if and when the product really is exclusive. But do keep in mind that there are tons and tons of products out there you can set a budget for and advertise all on your own, without joining anything.

Pick a product or products from the Marketplace at Clickbank, set an advertising budget of X dollars a month (and stick to that amount), run ezine ads with the occasional solo (and I do mean occasional), go back and pick some more.

You take control over what you want to try your hand at promoting. You take control of how you spend your advertising dollars. You find products that interest YOU and.... away you go!

Now if you made it this far, there are resources and web site builders available to you that let you create entire storefronts of Clickbank niches. In fact, numerous programs of this type have sprung up over the past year or two. Just keep in mind that typically this type of service runs on a month to month membership (so fees are involved).

One advantage is the ready-made and go aspect. However, conversely, that might be a strike against you since most people will not take the time to personalize these types of memberships. Thus, if you don't make it your own, you stand the chance of publishing duplicate content. Your website will never index well, and your traffic will not increase.

With that in mind, read the following Note, it is so critical!

NOTE:  The hardest thing to do online is drive traffic to anything! Yet it is the one thing most sales pages "gloss over" making you believe it is easy as pie. This is not true. It's a downright lie really. It is difficult, extremely, without the proper tools and a really good internet marketing strategy.

These are some of my best suggestions for you. I've been online since the second half of 1990, and formed My Wizard Ads in October 2001.

I have seen a lot, I know a lot, and I really DO give a damn about helping YOU be happy and successful online, too!

All the best,
Theresa Cahill