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Ezine Solo Ad You Say Potato I Say Potatoe

Over the last decade or so marketing and advertising online, the number one most suggested form of advertising is (and remains to be) the ezine solo ad. And, while some say e-zine and others ezine (with the long i sound), regardless, solo ad advertising (often called standalone ads by some) are valuable in the sense that most people with a program, product or service to promote do not have a list. By using ezine advertising and a publisher or group of publishers selling their valuable list space to run just your ad to their readers, you are gaining the potential possibility of zeroing in on individuals interested in what you have to offer.

The solo ad, however, is not an easy thing to write. Too many people make the mistake of saying too much. Some do not say enough. Common mistakes include the overuse of the exclamation mark when a simple period says so much more. Another mistake is presenting the wrong information. In the world of hype, would you want to read even more? Of course not. Also, keep in mind that the typical solo ad provided by some program owners may have been carefully crafted in the beginning, but you have no idea how many other people have used it before you. Sort of like sharing a public restroom, really. You need to be neat, clean, and meticulous in your presentation.

However, the most common mistake made even before you begin the letter itself is not thinking through your "subject line." The subject line of a solo ad is the only thing anyone first sees. Since this type of ezine advertising arrives in a person's inbox, it is just like all the other mail you receive. Ask yourself, how much of that do you just delete without ever opening? Be intriguing, stand out from the crowd, and lose the caps and wild claims. Get them to take you seriously. You need them to open that particular piece of email.

Not to be discouraging, because you should not be, you just need to give more thought and attention to the words you use. There is a formula so to speak and it starts at the top with that subject line. The next step - assuming you have attained that much needed click open and read - is to take a moment and introduce yourself. It is the person that someone buys from, not necessarily the product itself (although picking first rate products to sell is a number one priority). Then you move on into "what's in it for me."

This portion of your solo ad should list, simply, the benefits I (your reader) receive by visiting the website. You do not sell, you do not make outrageous claims you cannot personally back up (that is against the law). Just remember, people want to know what is in it for them (they could care less what you personally get out of it all). Here is where thinking "outside the box" comes in very handy.

Then you go for your summation, your "Call to Action." Again, because you are imparting information and not "selling" per se, you do need them to get to the website itself (the website is your salesperson after all). The call to action does that for you, properly worded. You do need to tell your reader, not ask but tell, them to click on the link right now or they will be missing out on your wonderful opportunity. You get one shot at this, so get it right.

Training in the proper writing of a solo ad is not just a luxury but a necessity. An interesting approach is to provide information not advertising. People come to the web for numerous reasons, with the number one reason... to find information. Resources to teach yourself how to write effective solo ads are available. This gives you that extra edge over not only your competition but your fellow affiliates. Take the time to learn how to write your solo ad advertisement properly, and it will save you not only a lot of time but most importantly money.

The solo ad, or standalone ad, is not easy to write. This article covers the most common mistakes people make when writing solo ads, with instruction on how to make immediate improvements when using ezine advertising.

Theresa Cahill, May 4, 2009

Theresa Cahill invites you to learn how to write effective solo ads (free information to learn how on the top of any solo ad page on the website). Or let me write it for you. Yes, ezine solo ads written for you in an explosive advertising and marketing package - a oustanding combination of ezine advertising and online marketing all in one.


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