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Should You Be Here?

by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved

If you follow any of my articles (and if you do a big thank you!), you'll know much of my writing comes from business situations or phone calls or emails or casual conversations.

This is one of those... It actually started as the ravings of a mad woman, but numerous revisions later I believe I've got a valid article to present. Something that needs to be said. Something that must be said.

I started off sitting here pondering what makes people tick, especially online.

I was muttering to myself, shaking my head... sending out good thoughts, but mostly shaking my head.

The very first person who put the idea out there that riches and wealth were just the click of a button away should be... well it's not kisses and red roses I'm thinking at the moment.

Whoever that person is or was, he or she did one of the greatest disservices to online mankind - probably the number-one-of-all-times disservices.

I know the hope of instant wealth runs rampant in most of our minds. You've probably got your reasons, be they good reasons or greedy ones. Images of the Publisher's Clearinghouse van pulling up to the door (even though you've never entered and never will) dance the sugar-plum fairy dance in many of our heads.

Most of us know that dreaming is good, but risking everything is not. Sane people see much more clearly... and they still dream. Grounded individuals (who can still be dreamers, too) know the difference.

So what got my goat today?

Human nature and hard luck stories. Recalling the countless number of times I've been told of the vast amounts of money people have thrown away pursuing unattainable, unrealistic (and they are unrealistic) dreams on the net. People who tell me they are going to be evicted by the end of the month. Others who are going to lose their car, their house, their utilities if they "don't make it this time."

Are you nuts?

I'm a really nice person, I swear to you I am, but I'm also rational enough to think what in the world are you doing plopping your buns in front of a computer, wasting even more money on fruitless ventures, AND paying for an internet connection if you can't afford to feed your kids or yourself this month?!

... Sigh

Please be reasonable.

The magic fairy of wealth and happiness is not going to visit your house before the roof falls in... not this month. She's personally told me she's too busy to see you.

She does, however, suggest you sell your computer, disconnect AOL, and get a job.

She also suggests that after your life has settled down, and you really can afford the internet connection, that you take a deep breath and enter virtual reality again with your eyes wide open.

Clear your mind and set yourself some attainable and realistic goals.

That's the best advice she's got...

Even at this point, will you become the next Bill Gates? Who knows... I sure don't (and I can tell by her expression she hasn't a clue either).

But we're both willing to venture that when you put your heart and soul (and not your last drop of cash) into an endeavor anything is possible.

But re-enter slowly... cautiously...

Find something that can initially "keep you amused," and then with luck and hard work you just might turn it into a profitable business.

Set goals and then take your internet life one day at a time. Effort and persistence. Start with an initial thought that paying the water bill this month "will be enough." Work up to buying your kid a new bike. Plan for a vacation, contribute to charity... set attainable, happy goals for yourself. Expand slowly.

Plan, work, plan. Work your plan. Then work some more.

There's nothing wrong with "dreaming big" as long as you know the difference between dreaming and hurting yourself or your family pursuing the wrong dream.

Be smart. The net isn't going any place, it will still be here when you are ready to come back. You'll be happier, and you and your family will be a whole lot safer.


Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads. Her job is to make your online advertising experience as effective and effortless as possible.