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by Theresa Cahill
All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2002

You've read all about the all-important need to provide quality customer service - follow up - if you're selling ANYTHING online (or off).

Now, before you groan and flip further into this ezine, take a moment and read on!

Customer service CAN and DOES make or break your business.

How often have you purchased some service or product online only to wait and wait to hear from that company? I'm not talking about the "here's your receipt" autoresponder, though of course that is vital, too. I'm talking about that personally written note that says you meant something to that merchant!

Think about it... Somewhere someone is online at this very moment spending their own hard-earned cash to purchase something from someone.

No doubt they'll find, hopefully, the receipt that says "oh yes, we took your money." But, don't you think they deserve just a bit more?

There is a HUGE amount of TRUST on the buyer's part in parting with their cash. He or she should mean enough to the merchant that a real live person follows-up and says "Thank you!"

At our own service, we take purchases extremely seriously! In fact, we OVER respond! By the time a sale has completely finalized, our advertisers receive up to 4 autoresponders AND a personal note from us thanking them for using our service. Overkill? Maybe, but we don't think so!

We are honored that that person has chosen our program above all the rest to make their purchase!

Here's an example of what I mean when someone doesn't follow through:

Today, we purchased advertising. Yes, we immediately received the autoresponder receipt (much appreciated!). But then, we had to make the initial contact to ask for information that should have been immediately supplied to us regarding our purchase. I don't know about you, but that bothers me. I AM an "important" customer, please treat me like one!

Do the same and it WILL show! We are given testimonies and receive quick notes and longer letters from advertisers expressing their appreciation and satisfaction. We love it!

AND... they come back!

In closing, NEVER underestimate the need to get out from behind the autoresponder and type your very own PERSONAL thank you!

I know I look forward, and hope, I get one!


About the Author:

A veteran of marketing, Theresa Cahill co-owns Molten Marketing website advertising and owns and operates My Wizard Ads, your one-stop spot for ezine advertising, solo ads, classified ads and more. Feel free to stop by for a visit anytime!